Dissatisfaction growing with David Burt in PLP camp

There is reportedly growing dissatisfaction with David Burt as political leader of the Progressive Labour Party. The latest expression of concern comes following a flareup which occurred at the end of last Friday’s sitting of the house of Assembly during the motion to adjourn.

It is understood a number of Government Members were preparing to make contributions when debate was abruptly ended by Mr. Burt. A move which reportedly led to push back from a number of PLP Backbenchers and resulted in a loud verbal exchange between the PLP leader and Scott Simmons, the member for Constituency 32, Southampton West.

We’re told so intense was the exchange, House Speaker Dennis Lister who was exiting, reentered the Chamber to bring things back under control.

One source claiming the PLP Backbenchers in particular, are more openly making their displeasure known with what has been described as the “autocracy that now exists within the party, and the disdain shown to those who do not support the actions of Mr. Burt.”

One member telling us Central Committee meetings, at which party business is discussed, are now sparsley attended with the view being expressed that they are now merely a formality, with nothing being achieved unless it meets with the desires of the party leader.

You may recall that in April of this year, TNN reported on a proposed change to the party’s consitution which would allow for a change in the selection process for electoral candidtes.

That proposal was said to have been put to a vote with 11 votes in favor, 15 against with one person abstained. The party then issued a statement denying this to be the case. However, that information has been confirmed to us by a number of party insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of backlash from the so-called Burt faction. A group said to be staunchly in support of the party leader and his plans for the PLP.

There is also word that the dissatisfaction with Mr. Burt is now seeping into the Parliamentary Caucus. It has been suggested that one member of the Cabinet has been calling around trying to ascertain the level of support Mr. Burt still enjoys and whether there is any real desire to see the back of him before October 2026. The date by which he has stated he would have stepped down as leader of the island’s oldest political party.

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