Giant fish catching specialist David Soares was at it again recently, with his massive capture of a beautiful 628 lbs Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, while trawling off of North Rock to the northern side of Bermuda, played off the capture as a usual day at the office.

“It was just another day’s work, nothing out of the ordinary,” Soares told TNN’s Trevor Lindsay in ‘ho hum’ fashion.

The hauling in of his third 600 lbs-plus majestic Thunnus thynnus over the past decade.

The third generation fisherman previously gained renown for having landed the two heaviest Bluefin in the Island’s history, catching his best, a 1004lb beast of Challenger Banks in 2016, three years after snagging a twin specimen there three years earlier.

“I was on the north side trawling,” recounted Soares. “We were using the Downrigger a crane-like trawl fishing device with a Ballyhoo on and it took me about an hour to catch him.

“We were on the north side of the Island in, say, 250 to 300 feet of water.
Soares said he was the luckiest of three local anglers to hook one of the species, with the other two though unable to land theirs.

“There were three of them hooked two days ago and two of them got away and I was lucky enough to get mine,” said Soares.

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