Cup Match 2021 Broadcasters Could not Have Done it Alone

The two days of the 2021 Cup Match Classic were broadcast on Channel 82. TNN caught up with the Executive Producer and Co-producer who helped too broadcast the event.

“ It takes a great partner [to successfully broadcast an event like this], because some things you cannot do by yourself, so having a good partner is how [Channel 82 was] able to pull it off the way we did,” Lamone Woods said. “ We both have our expertise in different areas; I bring more of the technical side and my partner [Amir X] does more creative and logistical things, so together we both shine. This is what our team can create in a short time, when we work together.”

According to Mr. Woods, Channel 82 has received a lot of positive feedback from the community about their coverage of the event, which gave them even more drive to deliver a good production for people.

“ We made it through the rain on Thursday, which was a challenge for us, and we look forward to covering Cup Match again another year,” he said.

Amir believes that passion for the history and people who have paved the way for their descendants to celebrate their freedom today makes it easy and even more fun and appropriate to broadcast the event.

“ When you are a family-oriented individual grounded in the spirit of love, then you omit that sort of energy to everyone on your team and that’s what we experience at this event,” he said. “ It’s actually a really large and comprehensive production to do in ten days, but when you have people dedicated to their country and have national pride, it came easy.”

Channel 82 had 14 full-time members and three auxiliary members to help broadcast the event, including three teams shooting the B-Roll. According to Amir, this small team is not the most important part. The core is how they make people feel through their broadcast.

Channel 82 did not just provide coverage of the Cricket game over Thursday and Friday, but historical background, spiritual background, and other content to get viewers into the true spirit of Cup Match.

“ When Lamone and I got the bid to cover Cup Match this year, we immediately began to shoot and edit around the clock, from 16 to 18 hours a day for eight days,” Amir said. “ We also hired two additional teams headed by people from J-Rock Communications and Vault TV to assist us.”
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