Crucifixion Reenactment in St. George’s Cotinues After Two-Year Hiatus

Parishioners and congregants from churches in St. George’s participated in the annual Walk to Calvary reenactment, which has been going on for about 40 years and has become somewhat
of an East End St. George’s tradition.


This year, the scene of the last supper was added into the reenactment, and something new is added every year.
“ I think that people were excited to come out and do this again after [a two year hiatus due to COVID],” one of the organizers Reverend Joyce Hayward said. “ We want people to understand
that the crucifixion of Christ was not fictitious, it was real. That’s why we call it a reenactment, as opposed to a play.


We are blessed to hopefully help those who do not know the story to see it.
We intend to have the Bible come to life and show that Jesus really did this for every one of us.”

The prayer of salvation was recited constantly throughout yesterday’s reenactment. According to Reverend Dr. Hayward, this is because organizers felt that it was important to show where
people will be going at the end of their lives on this earth.

“ I feel that [religion and God] are the things that roots and grounds us,” she said. “ It’s not about what celebrities and entertainers say, it is all about what the word of God says. That’s when you
know you cannot shoot or stab anyone. So, I definitely think we need to get back to saying at least the Lord’s prayer in schools as a foundation.”


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