Coronavirus Survivor Encourages Chest Exams and Healthier Living

About a month ago, a 50-year-old woman who wishes to remain anonymous found out that she was a close contact of someone who had tested positive for the Coronavirus. Soon afterwards, she herself tested positive for the virus.

“ Once I found out that I had it, I soon fell into a fever,” she explained. “ What saved my life during the fever was Pedialite, which I was drinking alongside plenty of other fluids during that time frame.”

After feeling a little better after a few days, she began taking wild apan, which also greatly helped her not get congested or cold-like symptoms.

“ [While I had the virus], I was taking live-in bitters on a daily basis to clear my lungs, liver and kidneys and was still drinking plenty of water and steamed with eucalyptus twice every day; once in the morning and once at night,” she said.

She happens to be unvaccinated and believes that, despite contracting the virus, she made the right decision. She also does not have any underlying health issues, gets plenty of regular exercise and eats very healthy.

“ I know that this virus has been very scary towards people and I know that some may think that, because so many people have gotten sick, that they should run and get the vaccine. I would like to let them know that I have survived COVID, my body now feels well-detoxed and that people need to start practicing more chest therapy, from the children to the elders,” she said. “ Chest therapy moves mucus around to the back and front, so I think that that will help people survive this virus.”

According to her, the typical cold and flu-like symptoms only lasted a couple of days and the loss of her taste and smell senses lasted a little over two weeks. She is, in fact, just starting to get those senses back. Even after receiving a negative test result, she still stayed indoors for an extra week to be safe.

“ The Coronavirus drains people if they are not eating right or doing what they have to do, so I would also advise people to eat plenty of fruit, stay on top of their fluids and maintain a healthy diet,” she said. “ As a COVID survivor, I feel brand new and awesome.”
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