Commissioner Praises Off-Duty Officer and Condemns Footage Leaking

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons confirmed in a press conference this afternoon that an off-duty police officer who was having lunch at Divots yesterday seized the firearm involved in yesterday’s incident and tried to apprehend the suspect. However, they escaped, albeit without the firearm.

Commissioner Simons also confirmed that a video and image of the officer in question and the entire altercation was leaked and spread throughout social media. He urges members of the
public to not share the footage if they should come across it, as it can affect the police’s ongoing investigation and possibly put the officer’s life and safety, as well as that of others who may
have been in the area at the time, in danger.

However, the footage in question is of interest to the police and will help with their investigation into this matter.

“ In adverse circumstances, we might see some positive outcomes [from this] . . . later on [in the process], images such as these can help raise awareness, show the depravity of people and the willingness to perpetuate some of these acts,” he said. “ During the course of an investigation, however, pre-trial, sharing this footage is not particularly helpful [to police.]”

“ I am grateful for the brave actions of this officer and how the recovery of the firearm will advance the investigation and, most importantly, reduce significant harm in our community,” he continued.

“Should members of the public face a similar situation [that this officer was involved in], they should always take actions that maximize their safety and avoid confrontation with the

Despite the video being shared through social media, Commissioner Simons believes that the investigation is progressing very well and that several people have already come forward and is
hopeful that arrests will be made relatively quickly.

He deemed it inappropriate at this point to discuss the intended victim(s) in this incident and whether or not the seized weapon had jammed.

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