CariGenetics Launches “BeforeYou” Ancestry Test

CariGenetics is proud to announce the launch of the “BeforeYou” ancestry test, a service specifically tailored to include the unique genetic heritage of those with mixed African and Indigenous ancestry. Marking a significant advancement in locally accessible genetic testing, this innovative product is being introduced just in time for Bermuda Heritage Month, celebrating Bermuda’s rich cultural history. 

The community can enjoy a special Bermuda Day promotion, getting 24% off using the code “24MAY24” until the national holiday. Part proceeds of all sales during this promotion will be donated to the Bermuda Day Fund, to support those expressing our vibrant culture in this year’s parade.

Taking feedback from a market research survey conducted in the community, BeforeYou offers maximum privacy. This is achieved by using blockchain to keep track of all data access without exposing personal data. Partnering with, which offers a blockchain-powered platform to help people keep their genomic data secure through a bioNFT, all BeforeYou customers will activate a biowallet to access their results securely.

Working with Somos Ancestria, CariGenetics is also curating the world’s first Caribbean Ancestry Database to help improve the resolution for people of Caribbean heritage that is missing from the market. Anyone with 4 Caribbean grandparents will be eligible. To join a simple survey will be completed in the app with the first 1000 to receive a founding NFT. BeforeYou currently displays a higher resolution for Latin America, Indigenous and African populations than any other test on the market.

To ensure the utmost security and privacy of the genetic data processed by the “BeforeYou” Ancestry Test, we are pleased to announce that all data is securely stored locally in Bermuda on a private cloud. This initiative has been made possible through our strategic partnerships with QuoVadis Services Limited and Ingine Limited, who have collaboratively established the region’s first private cloud-based infrastructure platform specifically designed for genomic data.

This state-of-the-art infrastructure not only emphasizes our commitment to data security but also ensures that the personal and genetic information of our users is managed with the highest standards of privacy and integrity.

For smooth logistics, CariGenetics has partnered with the Bermuda Post Office, allowing the test to be ordered online at and picked up and dropped off at any local post office, making it convenient for residents to access their kits. 

Culture = Energy Student Art Competition Details:

In celebration of this launch and to further engage the community in understanding their heritage, CariGenetics has also partnered with the Department of Culture and the Department of Education for a unique art competition. Aimed at students up to S4, this initiative encourages Bermuda’s youth to explore and express what their heritage means to them through art.

Young artists are invited to depict how Bermudian heritage influences daily life, capturing the island’s vibrant cultural energy. Students are encouraged to dive into their creativity and express how we, as Bermudians, seamlessly integrate our roots into our daily lives, generating a vibrant cultural energy. Members from the Department of Culture, Department of Education, CariGenetics, Bloom and Kaleidoscope will judge the competition, helping to shortlist entries for an online public voting process to determine the winner

Nekesha Holdipp, Acting Education Officer for Curriculum and Assessment at the Department of Education shared: “From the Social Studies lens, students explore the origins of Bermuda’s early population and this opportunity allows erased cultures to reclaim identity and provides a decolonised academic gateway to paint a more defined picture of Bermuda’s rich Black [African], Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) ancestral quilt.”

Shortlisted finalists will have their work displayed in a public gallery for all to enjoy whilst the winner will have their artwork featured on a limited edition “BeforeYou” Ancestry Test box, the first of its kind to be displayed nationwide. Additionally, the winning artist will receive a Free Ancestry Test Kit. 

We urge all young artists to participate by signing up and submitting their entries by visiting HERE. The deadline for submissions is the end of Heritage Month, 31 May 2024. 

Pre-order your Limited Edition “BeforeYou” Ancestry Test today and get 24% off during this Heritage Month by visiting and be the first to explore your unique genetic heritage with this specialised test. Tests will be ready for collection at the end of June after the art competition winner has been chosen.

Dr. Carika Weldon, CEO of CariGenetics, expressed her excitement for this milestone at the company, “As we launch the ‘BeforeYou’ ancestry test, we are excited to offer a product that not only enhances the understanding of one’s genetic background but does so with a focus on the unique lineage of Bermudian and Caribbean populations. This Heritage Month, we look forward to enriching our community’s connection to their past. Partnering with the Department of Culture and the Department of Education for the art competition is a fantastic opportunity to engage our youth, connecting science and art whilst celebrating the diverse tapestry that is Bermuda’s heritage. Join us, both through groundbreaking genetic exploration and the creative expressions of our young people. Let’s make this Heritage Month memorable!”

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