Better Late than Never/Slow Down says BRSC

The BRSC introduces our monthly slogan for November – Better late than Never/Slow down. As we near the end of this year, let’s slow down and take time to reflect on the year gone. Let’s slow down our speeds and stop rushing.

Section 7 (2) of the Road Traffic Act 1947 states – Subject as hereinafter provided, no vehicle shall be driven on any highway, estate road or naval or military road – (a) outside the municipal area of the Town of St. George at a speed greater than 35 kilometers per hour; (b) within the municipal area of the Town of St. George at a speed greater than 25 kilometers per hour.

The road traffic act clearly states and defines the speed limits and the correct times when to drive them. It may not be well known in Bermuda that there are two different speed limits required, one while within municipal limits and one outside municipal limits. Driving within municipal limits requires a higher level of attention from drivers as there can be more distractions and less reaction time, which is why the speed limit is 25 km/h. While the speed limit is increased on roads outside of municipalities, this does not give for allowance to speed excessively on our roadways. The speed limit is 35kmh and should be adhered to at all times.

Speed limits are put in place to increase road safety and to reduce the risk of traffic collisions. Without speed limits on our roads, there would mayhem as motorists would be able to drive at excessive speeds, increasing the chance of collisions.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of collisions in Bermuda. Speeding alone is a dangerous act, but when it is coupled with driving under the influence, driving without care and attention, or while using a device, the chances of a collision are multiplied due to these factors.

A major part of reducing speeding is by giving yourself ample time to get to a destination without speeding. Bermuda may be a small island with no long distances to travel, but we remind motorists to leave home 5 mins early to account for traffic or any other diversions that may happen while traveling. By giving yourself an extra 5 mins when you leave early, that reduces the need to rush and get “road rage” which can lead to speeding and other traffic offenses.

The speed limit is there to keep all road users safe and to reduce the risk of a collision.

Remember to slow down Bermuda, Drive with care and caution, and don’t drink and drive. “

Cautious Drivers = Safer Roads = Safer Bermuda

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