Bermudian mother longing for missing daughter’s return

“The longest walk home that any parent will ever take is the one after their child has ‘run’ ahead of them.”

Dr. Zolee Davis-Robinson is going through a parents worst nightmare, having just found out that her daughter, Zea Robinson, has been missing since March from a Cooper’s Pond Drive apartment in Tampa, Florida.

The younger Robinson was said to have left the residence, which she shared with her Guatemalan-born boyfriend, Noah Francisco Rough-Broglin’s, in the middle of the night, while he slept and has not been seen or heard from since.

A concerned, irate Davis-Robinson, in explaining to TNN’s Trevor Lindsay, spoke to the suspicious nature of the situation, as she had been in regular quarterly contact with Rough-Broglin’s adoptive mother, having spoken to her January 27 and on Mothers Day, May 14 and at no time was she told of a break-up between the young couple.

It was thus too her horror and surprise that just last Saturday she called the 20-year-old’s mother and was told that the pair were no longer an item and that Zea, a nurse at an area hospital, had “vanished” in the middle of the night.

Nevertheless, she had been previously warned by Davis-Robinson bout Rough-Broglin, who she said had not been truthful with her daughter from the outset.

“My daughter is an only child, with all of her extended family in Bermuda and Jamaica,” said Davis Robinson, who left Bermuda in 1980 to attend school and never returned, having last been on the Island in 1996. “She a gifted child, very bright, graduated from school at 16 and has been working in a local hospital here.

“We saw her last year in May.
“My husband was in a very critical accident last year and he happened to run into her as a nurse on the trauma ward he was on and that’s when she saw her dad, hugged him, said said

that she was sorry she hadn’t come.
“Because she had gotten with this boyfriend and it was something really odd about him.

“I told her he was dangerous, because he had seemed to change her personality, where she stopped coming around.”
The mother related how her daughter had lived with her parents in Greensboro, North Carolina and, as the relationship with Rough-Broglin progressed she had started to spend nights with the boyfriend, even as her dog and belongings remained at her parents’ residence, which she visited each day.

Such would not last, as a noted personalty change took place and Zea began to drift further and further away from her folks, in terms of communication and interaction, until she simply up and moved out of the house for good.

“She called one day and she said, ‘I’ll be there in 15 minutes’, and then she calls back and says, ‘I know what’s going on, so don’t try to communicate with me, I don’t need any updates’,” said her mother of the sudden estrangement. “And since that statement we’ve never seen her, other than when she ran into her dad on the ward and she’s never acted like that.

“As a mother I told her, ‘I get it that you have  grown into an adult and can do whatever you want. But I’m still going to text and email you every day’.
“She responded, saying, ‘Mom I’m not going to look at them’, but I still reach out every day’.

“As I said she’s an only child and she’s my daughter and as for the boyfriend I said, ‘I’m going to find out who you are’.
“And when I found out who he was I told her, ‘This guy is dangerous. Everything that he’s told you is a lie. He’s told you that he’s Puerto Rican, he’s not, he’s adopted from Guatemala. He tells you that he’s Black, when he actually has two White mothers’, nothing he said was truthful.

“And then he went ballistic when I went to confront him about it and told him that he did not have to keep up the facade, that I knew exactly who he was.”
David-Robinson said that she discovered he’d been adopted from a therapeutic boarding school when he was younger by two women and, having experience in clinical rehabilitation she was familiar with rehab centres,had worked at one and so understood the ways and trends of that type of “population”.

“I found how to his mother was and called her up and told her how her son was dating my daughter,” she continued. “She took the call and I told her here’s what I’m going to do. ‘I’m going to be private and not invasive, as long as my daughter is going to be of your son I’m going to be checking order every four months, but I’ll respect their boundaries’.
“I called her January 27 and asked if they were still happy and surviving and still dating and she said, ‘Yes’. So I said, ‘That’s good.

“I called on Mother’s Day and we had a Happy Mother’s Day conversation.
Then I called on Saturday. It was the end of my four month period she was on my mind  and it was then that she told me that Zea had left him back in March and they haden’t seen her since.

“I said, ‘Excuse me? Zea left in March and you couldn’t call me? I talked to you on Mother’s Day and you made no mention that she had left your son in March.

“I asked her what had happened and she said that her son had gone to sleep and when he woke up she was gone.
“I asked her if she expected me to believe that he could be sleeping with someone all night wake up and the person just vanished.

“And did she not think to call me, her mother?

“She then told me that I was disrespecting the boundaries and that her son was very depressed and was there with his cat.

“I told her, ‘I don’t care about no damn cat. Where’s my daughter?’
“When I found this out on Saturday that’s why I started making a lot of noise. I called out to the sheriff’s department in the county, because that’s where I had known her to be.

“I called his family, one of the nephews and he gave me the run around, so now she’s she listed as missing.”

The mother has been posting pictures of her 22-year-old daughter and the missing person’s report from the authorities and is desperate to locate her child.
As is custom in disappearances of one relationship member the boyfriend, in this case, Rough-Broglin stands as a main suspect in the disappearance, however it is not known whether he has submitted himself or taken in by police for questioning.

He is listed on the missing person’s report as while his last known address is the same as his mother’s he is now believed to have moved to 3 Hawthorne Drive in Asheville, North, indicative of someone on the run.

“He says he last saw in March but I don’t believe it,” said David-Robinson. “Let me put my eyeballs on my daughter I want to see her. ‘Proof of Life’, let me know that she’s alive.

“So they are going to have to interview him.

“Even Zea;’s car is gone and I found out that that it had been sold last September and she was never without her own transportation.

“None of this makes any sense to me. Let me know where is my daughter.
“The boyfriend is clearly the suspect. The last person with her and he has a lot to answer to and tell us where she is.
“I’m a pitbull Bermudian and I’m going to get louder and use my platform and all that I can to get my daughter home and won’t stop until I see her with my own eyes.”

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