Bermuda Taxi Association Voices Strong Opposition to Minister’s Proposal on Ride Share Introduction

The Bermuda Taxi Owner & Operators Association (BTOA) stands resolute in its rejection of the proposal put forth by the Minister in the House of Assembly on Friday, March 15th, 2024, regarding the introduction of ride- sharing services to Bermuda.

The BTOA vehemently opposes the introduction of ride-sharing services for several reasons:

1. **Use of Private Vehicles:** Permitting ride-share permit holders to private vehicles s e t s a dangerous precedent, potentially compromising passenger safety and bypassing regulatory standards upheld by legacy transportation options.

2. **Unregulated Ride-Share Permit Holders:** The lack of regulation for ride-share permit holders poses significant risks to both passengers and the transportation industry as a whole, undermining the principles of
safety and accountability.

3. **Barrier of Entry:** Charging a mere $1,000 for ride-share permits severely diminishes the value of legacy transportation options and creates an unfair playing field, ultimately harming the livelihoods of traditional transportation providers.

4. **Lack of Liability Insurance Requirement:** The absence of a requirement for ride-share vehicles to carry liability insurance, as current transportation vehicles do, poses serious risks to passengers and the broader community.

The BTOA is deeply disappointed by the Minister’s proposal, as it fails to as theories foho trinsport foradiusy. transportation providers who have long served the community with professionalism and dedication.

“We categorically deny agreement or acceptance of the Minister’s proposal,” stated Dennis Furbert, President of the Bermuda Taxi Owners & Operators Association. “We are committed to pursuing alternative options that prioritize the interests of the transportation industry while upholding the values of safety, accountability, and fairness.”

The BTOA emphasizes that discussions regarding the Minister’s proposal took place on the 14th of March 2024, and thorough consultation with its membership is imperative before any further decisions are made.

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