“ Bad Choices Produces Bad Consequences “ Says Pastor Seaman

Local Pastor Believes that the answer to the Island’s Problems Lies in God and the Church
Based on the activity that is currently going on in Bermuda and around the world, Reverend Dr. Maria Seaman believes that these are the last days. With that knowledge, she would like to know what the next course of action will look like from Bermudians.

“ If we continue to refuse the church which, like it or not, this island was founded on, then we continue to refuse the answer [to our problems within the community],” she said. “ If we continue to teach our children [things and habits which are] out of place, alignment and relationship with God’s church, then what more can we expect? If we are not in a relationship with God, then what are we teaching our children?”

Dr. Seaman believes that churches in Bermuda are doing all that they can to help people and in particular the island’s youth, but parents need to take responsibility and save their children now before it becomes too late.

“ If people honor God, they will learn to honor life,” she said. “ I highly doubt that the young men who took up their guns on Tuesday night, or any night, were in church the previous Sunday worshipping God. People will either raise their hands with guns or raise their hands in worship.”

Dr. Seaman believes that, despite the island’s natural beauty, there is a darker, more evil underbelly of the island. According to her, as long as Bermuda keeps choosing to bury the true message of the gospel, they will continue burying bodies.

“ Bermuda has one of the highest Diabetic rates in the world for the natural body, but we’ve got it in the spiritual body, too,” she said. “ We’re sugared up, let’s get some real nutrients in us.”

Instead of enacting real legislation that could combat gun and gang violence on the island, she believes that the Government continues to make things worse by allowing proliferation of substance abuse while the rich continue to get richer and the poor continue to get poorer.

She views the island’s most recent shooting as another opportunity for the island to catch itself and set things right, but it will most likely be forgotten in two weeks, because she believes Bermudians have a short attention span.
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