Autobiography offers poignant look into Bermuda’s criminal underworld

An autobiographical novel offering a revealing look into the ‘dark market’, written by a notorious Bermudian crime figure, is stirring interest and sales among local and international literary crowd.

Kenith [Ethan] Bulford’s self-penned memoir, ‘The Bermuda Triangle’s Most Wanted: Life on the Run’, details a young life rooted in crime, where drugs, violence, theft and anti-social behaviour were required, encounters with prison, police, the legal system and death among accepted consequences.

Uncomplicated in its delivery, the book allows a free flowing, insightful read into Bulford’s early life of contrariness, where familial dysfunction allowed for poor choices of friends and role models.

The outcome was a headlong dive and embrace of the criminal underworld, where high risk, high reward adventures aided the filling of his wardrobe, many residences and pockets with fine fabric, loads of fast money and faster women.

“My grandfather taught me fishing he had a more relaxed approach to life,” intimated Bulford in the book’s first chapter, noting how such adherence might have allowed him to avoid the negative side effects. “Perhaps I should have done more fishing when I as younger, but maybe I will make up for it now that life has fewer shadows and a lot more sunshine.

“I should have listened to my grandfather. Instead mu mentors, my advisors my ‘friends’ were drug dealers and other criminals. My home was the streets.”

The book tells of time the author spent as a fugitive overseas, with stops in the United States and the Caribbean, electing to flee Bermuda after being associated with an an incident that resulted in a man’s death.

He was eventually arrested in the Jamaica before being extradited back to the Island, where he was ‘walked’ having been found to have no case to answer.

The most recent high profile battle conflict with authorities occurred at L.F. Wade International Airport, where Bulford and two women, booked on a flight to the UK, were found with more than $300,000 in cash concealed in athletic shoes contained in their luggage.

The trio were tried in Supreme Court, but found not guilty by a jury in 2015, still the money was held as proceeds of crime despite the acquittal, even as Bulford sued the Commissioner of Police for its return.

In the book the writer insists he has gone straight and that he has published the book in the hope that his own story might discourage others from venturing into the high-stakes, criminal arena, where life has little value and fun and games have deadly consequences.

Adds the author: “I am not setting myself up as some kind of guru, saying ‘don’t do as I did, do as I say’. That is not what this book is about, that is not what I’m about.
“I just hope that some people, who will suffer badly from living as I did, will have something to think about before they get in over their heads.”

‘The Bermuda Triangle’s Most Wanted: Life on the Run’ is currently being sold on Amazon, in local bookstores, as well as by the author.

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