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Scott Believes Prosecution Against Former Premier was Always Politically Motivated

Shortly after a press conference at the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) headquarters this afternoon, TNN’s Trevor Lindsay spoke with Kenneth Randolph Scott, who believes that the prosecution of former PLP Premier the Honorable Dr. Ewart Brown, JP, is and always was politically motivated. “ It has been politically motivated because of all the positions he […]Read More

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Petition to Drop Charges Against Dr. Brown Aims to Get

Earlier today at the Bermuda Industrial Union headquarters, Esme Williams, Kenneth Randolph Scott and Delarney Bulford voiced their opposition to the Government’s continuous investigation and prosecution of former Premier and Progressive Party leader the Honorable Dr. Ewart Brown, JP. According to Mr. Scott, the prosecution of Dr. Brown began in 2011 and still continues to […]Read More


Bermudian Kemar Maybury Clarification

TNN Story Clarification. The jailing of Bermudian Kemar Maybury was based on initial media and police reports in the U.K. “ An investigation by detectives found Mr. Maybury had specifically targeted schools and universities to find young people to exploit, supplying them with drugs and in turn using them to distribute drugs on his behalf,” […]Read More



Butterfield has increased its Bermuda Undergraduate Scholarship award to US$30,000, an increase of US$5,000, and applications are open. The scholarship is tenable for up to four academic years and provides financial assistance to outstanding students who are pursuing a first college or university degree on a full-time basis overseas. Offered every year since 1978 in […]Read More


BPS Operation Vega Campaign Continue With Success

As “Operation Vega” continues, 341 Moving Violation Tickets were issued over the last two weeks. That’s twelve fewer than the 353 issued during the previous 2 weeks. Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell of the Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), Tactical Support Unit said, “Operation Vega remains a critical incident. “We will continue to lawfully perform our duty […]Read More