Amazon bestselling author James Weeks in Bermuda

Local company Unstoried will host the first stop on Amazon bestselling author James Weeks book tour in Bermuda this Saturday March 9th at 12:00 pm at the Bermuda Society of Arts in City Hall.

The second edition of James’ book ‘Meditations Across the Kings River’, which features stories of his travels in Bermuda and experiences with Bermudians, was the number one new release on Amazon in two categories, Personal Transformation & Spirituality and Caribbean Travel, when it launched on January 16th of this year.

Books will be for sale from 12:00 pm, followed by a fireside chat at 12:30pm with James Weeks, Liana Nanang and Ajala Omodele of Unstoried and Alexa Lightbourne where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. Book sales and signings by James will continue after the conclusion of the talk at 1:30pm. Attendees
are encouraged to register in advance at to reserve their books. Books will be sold at the US retail price of $25 each, and discounts are available for those who buy multiple copies. Anyone with proof of a Kindle edition purchase between January 7th and 16th, 2024 may obtain a book for $15.

About ‘Meditations Across the King’s River’
Join author and filmmaker James Weeks as he delves into the ancient Ifa spiritual tradition that led his family to healing. Absorb his stories as he travels abroad, tapping into the spirit realm and showing us ways to commune with our ancestors while discovering our purpose on Earth. His story has already touched tens of thousands of lives. Complete with updated chapters, this new edition of Meditations Across the King’s River reaches deep into the soul, urging us to open ourselves to our spirit guides and embrace their gifts.

This updated and expanded edition features James’ experiences with many Bermudian friends and business owners. Referring to his book becoming a bestseller, author James Weeks said, “This is a huge win for African and
Caribbean culture, spirituality and cuisine. When I received the news, I took the opportunity to announce the creation of my non-profit, The Across the King’s River Foundation, which promotes STEM education as well as African cultural and spiritual traditions. We need more scientists in our community; more engineers; more financial experts, more pilots, more doctors, more storytellers. And we fully intend to create them.”

Regarding choosing Bermuda as the first stop in his book tour, James shared, “Bermuda has a special place in my heart. After my last trip here where I blessed Liana and Ajala in marriage, a close friend and client remarked ‘Bermuda has changed you.’ I have been touched deeply by every person that I’ve met on my previous trips to the island. I feel as though I have an entire Bermudian family, even though I’m from St Croix and live in California! It is why Bermuda and my experiences with Bermudians feature so prominently in the updated edition of my book – I had to honour the island’s impact on me.”

Unstoried founder Liana Nanang said, “I first encountered James’s writings after Ajala left me a voice note reading a passage from the first edition of Meditations Across the King’s River about purpose. I was immediately grabbed by his words and had the great fortune of meeting James six weeks later when he came to Bermuda
on vacation and The Griot invited locals to meet him. He has deeply touched our lives and tens of thousands of others. His kindness, depth, and generosity of spirit led Ajala and I to ask him to bless our marriage and preside over our wedding last June at Fort Hamilton. We can’t wait to share the gifts and healing that James has brought to us. His story is so relatable to Bermudian families, especially the issues he was encountering with his teenage son and gangs in Oakland that led him to find deeper meaning and healing. I truly believe his book and the
words he shares on Saturday will benefit everyone.”

Unstoried Head of Story Development Ajala Omodele said, “Baba James has been instrumental in my spiritual development and I’m very thankful to access to his writings in the form of his latest book. He is able to make
African spirituality, which has received a pretty negative reputation in the West, very accessible. He’s very approachable, charismatic and down to earth. For those who want to learn a bit more about how their African forebears understood spirituality and incorporated spirituality into their daily lives one need not look any further
than Meditations Across the King’s River because he really brings ancient learning into the 21st century in ways that are non-threatening. He makes them very much accessible to those who, even if they’re Christian or Muslim
have another faith practice, can still learn about African spirituality and not be put off by some anti-African propaganda that’s unfortunately been swirling about for many decades. Baba James’s work demystifies the spiritual practice of the Yoruba people of West Africa, Ifa, and how one can use it in the present day. It was
the honour of my life to have him unite my wife and I in marriage.”

Alexa Lightbourne said, “I am thrilled to co-host James Weeks, a figure whose work embodies the rich tapestry of African and Caribbean culture, here in Bermuda. His journey, captured so eloquently in ‘Meditations Across the King’s River’, resonates deeply with our community’s spirit and shared heritage. This event is not just a book signing; it’s a celebration of the profound impact that storytelling, spirituality, and cultural exploration can have on individual lives and communities; especially but not limited to Bermuda. James has personally positively
impacted my journey as a beacon of light on my spiritual journey and I am honoured and privileged to share him with my community. He embodies grace and the plurality of wisdom and knowledge through his guidance and captured eloquently in his book. This gathering of souls is a rich opportunity to connect with such an
inspiring author and spiritual leader.”

Panel Bios James Weeks is an internationally known spiritual leader, author and finance mentor who has spoken at Harvard
University and has been a guest on numerous radio and internet shows including KPFA, Africa Today, KPOO, the Ibeji Lounge, Ariela on WSTX and Ancestral Voices. He is the author of Meditations Across The King’s River:
African-inspired Wisdom For Life’s Journey and the producer of the upcoming documentary film, Across The King’s River: Finding and Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose. He is also a babalawo, or priest in the Ifa spiritual tradition of West
Africa and helps clients with strategies for emotional, spiritual and financial wellness. As a journalist, James has published in Parenting magazine, the S.F. Weekly, Reggae Beat, The Virgin Islands Daily News and the St.
Croix Avis. Always in demand, James has provided more than 1,500 readings/consultations to clients during
the past decade. For more information about James, visit

Liana Nanang is the founder of Unstoried and Unchained on the Rock. She is a multidisciplinary storyteller whose
work navigates race, nationality, trauma, resilience, spirituality, colonialism, and her identity as a neurodivergent woman of colour. Liana’s writing and photography have featured in The New York Times, and she has been
interviewed by Forbes, the UK’s BBC Breakfast and BBC World News. She won Best Columnist in the 2017 Best of Bermuda Awards and was awarded Use of Materials in the 2021 Charman Prize at Masterworks Museum. Ms Nanang obtained a law degree from University College London and is a New York-qualified
attorney. Both her visual art and poetry were selected for the 2022 Bermuda National Gallery Biennial.

Ajala Omodele is the Head of Story Development for Unstoried and Unchained on the Rock. He is an educator, writer, poet, and lecturer. He is the author of ‘Dame Lois: The People’s Advocate’.

‘They Called Him Roose’ and ‘Look for Me in the Whirlwind: A Story of Marcus Garvey’. Holding a master’s degree in education, Mr Omodele has taught at the primary and middle school level and designed and delivered a graduate-level course at York University. He has conducted professional development seminars on Black history for Bermuda’s educators and featured as a speaker for Oxford University’s Race & Resistance Conference and ThinkFest. He
has been featured in a variety of international documentaries, has been interviewed by Forbes and several of his poems have been published in MOKO: Caribbean Arts and Letters. His poem, entitled ‘the crossing (aka why I don’t like tall ships)’ was selected for inclusion in the 2022 Bermuda National Gallery Biennial.

Alexa Lightbourne is a passionate Bermudian who celebrates spiritual awareness and the advancement of women through meaningful mentorship whose commitment spans across various organizations. As a dedicated
member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, and particularly as the Chair of the DST Social Action Committee, Alexa spearheads initiatives aimed at societal betterment, focusing on women’s issues. Her involvement with the Smith Parish Council and the Bermuda International Women’s Day Committee evidences her passion, allowing her to advocate for policies and programs that uplift her community and celebrate women’s achievements. As the PTA Vice President, Alexa champions educational engagement, through
dedication to creating opportunities for the next generation with the goal of fostering positive and impactful change.

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