Altercation with Officers Leaves Inmate Hospitalized

Rose Parkes the mother of convicted attempted murderer Jahmico Trott, who was recently sentenced to 30 years behind bars for a total of four offences, was scheduled to visit her son on Sunday June 27th, at 10 a.m.

However, officers would not let her see her son, because she had been given an invalid pass which had not been stamped or signed by anyone and that he already had a visitor for the month of June. Since COVID-19, inmates are allowed only one visit per month, but are allowed to have virtual meetings with family and friends more often.

“ Passes have to be viewed and cleared before they are sent out to be mailed, so [me receiving an invalid pass] was beyond my son’s control,” Ms.Parkes said. “ There are a lot of new officers [at Westgate], so they probably did not know exactly what they were doing.”

After talking to Jahmico on the phone, she stepped outside of the prison and waited over half an hour for Jahmico to call her back, but did not receive any call. That’s when she knew that something was not quite right.

Officers went down to address Mr. Trott, who was extremely angry (as a result of not being able to see his mom) and in handcuffs. According to his mother, officers took the handcuffs off of his hands, because he asked them to do so, and a couple of officers and Mr. Trott himself were injured in an ensuing physical altercation. Mr. Trott was hospitalized and received four staples in his head as a result of the fight.

“The worst thing those officers could have done was take off his handcuffs,” his mother, who happened to work as a Customs Officer in the U.K, said. “ They could have just shoved him in his cell and let him calm down. They all know how he is [when he gets angry]. This whole situation could have been avoided if they had followed proper protocols . . . officers are going to be cursed at, spit at, etc., but if they take that behavior on, then the job is not for them.”

Mr. Trott has since been moved to the Segregated section of Westgate, where he has been isolated and police are now investigating the incident and Mr. Trott will most likely face assault charges against him.

“ I am my son’s advocate on the outside, and something must be done about what is going on,” she said. “This altercation could have gone a whole lot worse than it did.”

TNN has sort a response from the Minister of National Security on this matter.
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