All-rounder Antonio Darrell relishes Cup Match opportunity

In Matthew 22:14 Jesus spoke to how, “Many are called, but few are chosen”, which some scholars have revealed to mean that there is a general call that goes out to all people.

And, while some who hear the call and respond, want to attend the feast on their terms and not on the King’s terms, thus losing out on the opportunity, there are those, by comparison, who are called with the effectual calling and are willing to the feast on the King’s terms.

Similarly, when it comes to earning a place in Cup Match several are called to trial, yet only a few granted the opportunity to feast during the two event.

Rising all-rounder Antonio Darrell was among the many called to train this year for Somerset, and while found not quite of the standard to enjoy the full feast,as the eleven starters, has been given the chance to nibble around the edges as a reserve for the reigning champs, after showing well in the final trial, taking three-for-37 for the President’s XI.

However, to listen to the 26-year-old, recognise his maturity and feel his excitement in being named at all, one could not help but believe his day of full membership will soon come.

“I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little boy and, with the passion that I have for cricket, this is the pinnacle, the big boy league for me,” a bouyant Darrell told TNN’S Trevor Lindsay. “On this big boy stage, hopefully one day I’ll get the opportunity to perform and get the experience, but I’m glad that Somerset Cricket Club gave me the opportunity to feel the atmosphere and be a part of the team as a reserve, so I’m going to take every chance I can.

“If I come on the field it’s for me to keep my head in the game and do what I’m supposed to do.” Darrell started playing cricket at the tender age of eight, continuing to advance locally in the sport, before travelling across the ‘pond’ to England and only recently returned home.

“I went to England when I was 16,” he explained. “I went over there for school and while there I played a little bit of cricket to remain active and played in a pretty good division.
“I used to go and get specialist coaching to help improve my technique, tactics and overall game.

“Recently I came back home to work in the plumbing industry, which is what I studied while in school and is my career.
“Now I’m just trying to show people what I’m capable of in Bermuda cricket.”
And Darrell has quite a bit to demonstrate, with there appearing little he cannot do, whether it be with bat, ball or somewhere in the field.

“I’m an all-rounder and like to do everything,” said Darrell, who plays league cricket for Willow Cuts with cousin and former Cup Match stand-out Deunte Darrell. “I’m not a specialist in any one aspect. I like to bowl. I like to bat and I’ve recently come up in the order to No 3. “This year has actually been a good one with the bat, while bowling I’ve got a few wickets this year.

“I’m a medium-pace, swing bowler. I’m not too quick, but look to put it in the right areas.” No matter how he performs Darrell knows he has a number one fan in Ms. Judy Darrell, his grandmother, who has backed the youngster for success on and off the field throughout his time on Planet Earth “That’s my Nana, I’m her pride and joy,” he said with a chuckle. “She’s definitely my number one fan, of course. She’s always been there to support me and I appreciate her a lot for that.”

“She says she’s going to come down here just to watch, which gives me a great feeling, especially at my age.”
Yet, all is not roses in Darrell’s mind, when it comes to the current state of many of his male peers, who are making ill-fated life choices to participate in the anti-social behaviour that has become a hot button issue island-wide.
For Darrell the want is to encourage and enable those that have run off the track to return to the route toward sustainable success, rather than fleeting moments of false glory.

“I just encourage them and try to help them out when I can,” said Darrell. “Obviously, living on a small island, some people go down the wrong lane sometimes. “But you can’t just abandon people and we need to stay in their corner, stay in their ear, encouraging them to do better.

“I would want to help them get a job, be more constructive, be a leader, an idol for someone to look to as an example.
“Never give up on your friends, your good friends, your close friends, because it’s really sad some of the things that are happening today and we need to work together to turn things around.”
Nevertheless, with Cup Match mere hours away Darrell has little time for commiseration, but to move toward the ultimate celebration.

“I’m just so excited,” he said, taking in the beehive of activity and final preparations being made to the west end facility. “It’s a great feeling.
“I see people out here setting up. We haven’t had a really packed Cup Match up here in four years and my heart is pumping right now. “I haven’t had any sleep since I got picked.”

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