Age Concern Bermuda’s Redevelopment of the Admiralty House Ballroom

Today, we come together with excitement, hope, and optimism as we unveil the successful applicant chosen following a Request for Proposal from our Ministry.

This process, launched in January 2022, aims to identify the best-suited organisation to restore and revitalise the historic Admiralty House Ballroom, which is a Grade 2 Listed building that holds a special place in Bermuda’s heritage.

Before I proceed further, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Planning
Department and Conservation team for their valuable input during the preliminary consultation phase. Their feedback and guidance were instrumental in protecting the Ballroom’s historic status, a vital aspect of this redevelopment initiative.

Restoration of this cherished landmark is at the heart of our vision. However, it’s not just about preserving history; it’s about creating a space that will benefit the entire community, particularly our seniors and the broader community near Admiralty House Park.

The Ballroom’s redevelopment allows us to breathe new life into this iconic structure while incorporating ancillary spaces to enhance its utility further.

I am pleased to announce that Age Concern Bermuda has been selected as the successful applicant out of three proposals. This decision reflects the commitment of Age Concern Bermuda to the welfare of our aged citizens and their families. They have assumed responsibilities and assets, such as the leased property at 24 Admiralty Lane, within Admiralty House Park. They are now poised to expand their vision to better serve our growing older community and support families across the island.

Age Concern Bermuda’s aspiration aligns perfectly with our goal – to redevelop the
former Ballroom, reinstate its functionality, and make the entire facility available for the benefit of our community, both locals and tourists alike. However, given the unique nature of this Grade 2 Listed property within a National Park, we recognise the complexities involved in it redevelopment and use.

Age Concern will thoroughly review the entire scheme, starting with a community engagement phase and a feasibility study. They are eager to hear from the public, understand the community’s vision, and gather input to shape their plans effectively.

Age Concern has received philanthropic grant funding for a community Feasibility Study as part of this process. This study, conducted by Narrative Research Bermuda, will ensure that their plans align with the needs and expectations of our community.

The results will also form the basis of their business case for the redevelopment and use of the Ballroom.
As we embark on this journey with Age Concern Bermuda, we look forward to
working together to breathe new life into the Admiralty House Park Ballroom. Our
shared vision is revitalisation, community enrichment, and a brighter future for our seniors and the entire Bermuda community. I want to thank Age Concern for its vision and ambition and for having the impetus to create a better space that can benefit everyone while preserving cultural heritage.

This is a unique partnership for the government to be engaged with that will see us actively involved with Age Concern as they work their way through each phase of this project. I encourage everyone who as an interest in Admiralty House Park to participate in the feasibility study so that the widest possible input can be received
and included in the ultimate design.

We are delighted to partner in this way, and we eagerly anticipate the positive
impact this project will have on our island home. I will now invite Mrs. Mercedes Pringle-DeSilva, the executive director of Age Concern, to the podium.

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