A film-maker’s fight to have the truth told about the Covid vaccine

A Film-maker who experienced adverse reactions to the Pfizer Covid vaccine told TNN of her difficulty in publicly sharing her story and having her trials and tribulations publicised in mainstream media outlets.

Jennifer Sharp is an award winning director, editor, writer and graduate of New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, who in 2015, while traveling alone in Honduras, was inspired to document the story of locals she encountered and, with only her cell phone and her artistic vision, shot the short documentary, “Solitary Worlds,” which won the grand jury prize at the 2016 Rincon International film festival.

This weekend Sharp shared some of what she endured after taking a single dose of the vaccine.

“In early March 2021 I took the Pfizer vaccine jab and after the one and only shot that I got I’ve had some pretty extreme reactions,” said Sharp. “For a while I could not feel the left side of my face for a few weeks and then slowly the feeling came back.

“I’ve had pins and needles on the left side of my body. I had swollen joints, just huge reactions. “The swelling has gone down, but it residually remains.
“I found out in trying to talk about it that many people didn’t want to talk about it.
Many people just didn’t want to hear about the Covid vaccine in a negative light and that bothered me, because I couldn’t tell my story about what’s happening to me because people would just shut me up.

“They would say, ‘Whoa. It may be happening to you, but it’s really rare,” as if there was no need to talk about it.
“People were not even asking like, ’How are you and what’s happening to you?, even in a compassionate manner.

Empathy seemed to go out the window.
“When I was over in Los Angeles there were many things that I was not allowed to do I couldn’t go to restaurants I couldn’t go to a friend’s funeral and I suddenly found myself completely segregated from society and once again most of the people I told about it did not care “It was just wild. I would be invited to go places and then I could not go. I know I’ve been invited to your party, but I cannot come because I’ve been banned from this section of the world and society.”

Sharp described a general lack of awareness as to the side effects incurred by many who had been injected with the drug. “People will be like, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize that’, and many people just went on with their lives, not realizing that whole sections of society could not do the same thing, but we’re outcasts and not allowed to participate,” she said.

“I’m a film-maker and I really wanted my story to get out there, because there were no real feelings about the people and empathy for those that had my experience.

“Many would tell me how I was the only person they knew that had this reaction and I know that there are a lot of reactions. “I also know that we are censored and I am not allowed to talk about it so, of course, people are not hearing about these many reactions, because we’re not allowed to talk about them.”

Sharp has made a I’m a film called Anecdotals, which deals with those who have had reactions. “It’s about telling our stories and it’s not anything political or about being angry,” she said. “It’s just to note that, ‘Hey, we exist’ and we need some help and acknowledgement.”

Sharp was asked if she was aware of any antidotes designed to reverse adverse effects of the vaccines.

“Well there are a lot of people experimenting with different things. There are a lot of doctors that say that Ivermectin is something that works and is great, while others say that it doesn’t work,” she said. “Because the reactions are so varying and sometimes seem like it’s an autoimmune response, so when your body has an autoimmune response it reacts in different ways. Some people have rashes. Some people have tremors.


For some people it’s a heart issue.
“So, it really depends but the main thing is how do you clear the spike protein out of the body. To find some way to detox, because it seems to be staying around.
“So there are a lot of ideas about detoxing and that’s where different doctors have different opinions.

“I’ve a lot of different things and there’s a lot of trial and error.” Sharp continues in her efforts to have her movie viewed and talked about, but admits it to be an uphill battle.

“I’m trying to make time to get this movie seen by a lot of people and I’m trying to cross borders and boundaries with it, because for a lot of people it’s become political or at least within the political spectrum,” she said. “A lot of people are for or against the vaccine So within the mainstream media in this country won’t show my movie or anything about the movie.

You are invited to the Premiere of Anecdotals | Monday April 10th | 7pm https://archive.sendpul.se/v/4v02y/16pul/

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