Day: September 3, 2021

Politics Slider News

Restoration of the Elbow Beach Public Access

Many are aware of the Economic Stimulus Programme launched by my colleague, the substantive Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. David Burch, on December 17 2020. Across the island are signs indicating where projects are ongoing. With a maximum budget of $13,385,000, many small to medium-sized contractors have taken up the offer to participate in […]Read More

Community News

BPSU Celebrates Their Labor Day Today

The current situation between the Bermuda Industrial Union and the Government will result in a different kind of labor day for not only the B.I.U, but for all Unions on the island, according to Bermuda Public Service Union President Armell Thomas. “ Because it has been so heated recently, the BPSU will not be at […]Read More

Community News

Bermuda Electric Light Company Advisory on Hurricane Preparations

Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (‘BELCO’ or the ‘Company’) today provided an update on hurricane preparations. Forecasters are calling for Hurricane Larry to pass close to Bermuda, potentially as major Category 3 to 4 hurricane, late next week. BELCO has engaged the Company’s Crisis Management Team who are meeting regularly and closely monitoring the approach […]Read More